A Backpacker's Backpack Review: Osprey Farpoint 55

Over the last four months, my backpack and I have become pretty good friends. She and I have traveled up mountains, down dark streets, over oceans, and across countries - and that sort of an adventure really makes you close. I mean, just look at how cute we are together…aww.

Osprey Farpoint 55 Review

I’ll admit that this pack is a bit of a wild thing. Sometimes after a long day of travel, she gets all crazy and explodes out onto the floor when I zip her open. Then again, she’s probably just getting back at me for my sloppy packing methods. Or maybe she’s holding a grudge for that time that I spilled a bag of coffee grounds all over her, or because I have a habit of throwing her on dirty streets and using her as a chair/pillow/backrest. Still, throughout this trip she’s always had my back (...see what I did there?) and has been everything I want in a backpack.

In case you’re starting to wonder if this entire post will be me going on and on about how much I love my pretty red backpack, the answer is yes…yes it will. That’s because with so many options available, choosing the right pack for a traveling adventure can feel a bit daunting, but maybe by sharing my experience I can help make your decision a little easier. So if you’re in the market for a new (or your first) travel backpack, keep reading for a few reasons why I highly recommend the Osprey Farpoint 55.

Super comfortable (thank you, built-in suspension!)

Osprey Farpoint 55 review

The Farpoint 55 is probably as comfortable as it gets. This pack has a great built-in suspension system and the bag forms to the curve of your back to help make travel days so much more bearable. Not only that, but both the shoulder and hip straps are padded and easily adjustable. At 55 liters, this pack can carry a good amount of stuff (up to 50 lbs to be exact), but thanks to the way it's built, that doesn't translate into an achy back and shoulders. Win!

Great accessibility

Osprey Farpoint 55 Review

The one “must-have” on my list when searching for a pack was that it have a front-loading, suitcase style design. This feature on the Farpoint 55 makes loading and unloading a breeze. And if I finish packing my bag and then realize I need something that's way at the bottom of my pack, I don’t have to pull everything out to find it. So convenient and, in my opinion, completely necessary for a long-term trip.

Use it and abuse it – this pack can take it

Osprey Farpoint 55 review

I wasn’t kidding earlier when I said that I once spilled an entire bag of coffee grounds into my pack - which may seem a bit strange until you learn how much I love coffee (apparently enough to carry coffee grounds with me.) Anyway, when I realized there was a coffee grounds party happening in my bag I pulled everything out, had a “shake it off” moment, and voila - good as new! All this is to explain that nothing seems to phase this backpack. In typical Osprey fashion, the pack is well built with heavy-duty zippers and nylon. My pack has endured rain and hailstorms, countless bus/train/metro/taxi/airplane and even a few donkey rides, dirty streets and floors, rocky mountaintops, and a solid five-months of daily use. Honestly, except for what appears to be a grease mark on one side of my pack, the thing looks as pretty as the day I got her.

Hello daypack, my new best friend

Osprey Farpoint 55 review

Probably the most useful part of this pack is the detachable daypack. I use this little lady on almost a daily basis and it’s the perfect size to carry everything I need for a day of exploring the city or hiking a mountain. I also love that it has a sturdy laptop sleeve and a few other zip-close pockets for small items. Oh, and the outside mesh pockets are a convenient place to store a water bottle, some granola bars, etc.

She's an adventurer

Osprey Farpoint 55 review

One of my favorite things about this pack is that she likes to have fun. What I mean by that is, the pack is adaptable to meet my needs as a traveler. The first month of our trip was spent camping and going on two to three hikes a week. Even though this pack wasn’t created as a mountaineer bag, it does a solid job of fitting into the role. I’ve done multiple overnight treks with this pack and have been seriously impressed by how well she does on the trail. 

Bonus: She looks goooood

Osprey Farpoint 55 review

Not only does this pack have so many great features, she also looks pretty darn awesome, don't you think?

For more information about the Farpoint 55, head over to Ospreypacks.com. And you may also want to check out Osprey's Instagram account - they post fun adventure photos that always leave me feeling inspired! 


Backpack Review: Osprey Farpoint 55