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How To Visit Santorini on a Budget

Whenever I talk about Santorini, I usually start by making a loud and slightly awkward sighing noise. To everyone who has asked me about the island and received this reaction, I sincerely apologize - it's just that our time on this volcano in the Aegean Sea was absolute perfection. Oh yes, I'm talking about salty skin, ocean views, and lazy mornings. (That's your definition of perfection too, right?) 

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3 Unreal Hikes in Norway to Add to Your Bucket List

Norway offers endless opportunities for drenching yourself in fresh mountain air and epic Scandanavian scenery, but three hikes in particular stand out from the rest: Preikestolen, Besseggen Ridge, and Trolltunga. These trails are easily accessible and offer everything an adventurer could hope for, including challenging terrain, unique landscapes, and views that are on a whole new level of unreal.

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