How To Visit Santorini on a Budget

I know Santorini isn’t typically thought of as a budget-friendly destination, but even two budget-conscious backpackers were able to pull off five days in this Greek paradise. The island was more expensive than most of the cities we visited, but we found some easy ways to cut costs. Here’s how.

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From Budapest to Vienna – A Story About Today

Today we traveled from Budapest to Vienna.

Our morning began by the oh-so-exciting chore of packing up our backpacks. It’s been five days in the same apartment and we’ve forgotten how to be organized so our stuff is spread out all over the place. Checkout from our Airbnb is at 10:00am and we want to run out for breakfast first. 

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3 Unreal Hikes in Norway to Add to Your Bucket List

Norway offers endless opportunities for drenching yourself in fresh mountain air and epic Scandanavian scenery, but three hikes in particular stand out from the rest: Preikestolen, Besseggen Ridge, and Trolltunga. These trails are easily accessible and offer everything an adventurer could hope for, including challenging terrain, unique landscapes, and views that are on a whole new level of unreal.

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And We're Off!

It’s already been three weeks since we flew away from Hawaii and left the life we know and love. We have fully transitioned into the world of limbo—no home, no full-time jobs, and no definite plans for the future. It's definitely a bit overwhelming, but most mornings I wake up feeling completely invigorated and ready to be inspired by a new day.

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